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Hotel Granvia Osaka - Kita-ku, Osaka, 530-0001, Japan


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Bar Sandbank 【19F】
The hotel's signature bar, Bar Sandbank, is an elegant destination for enjoying a selection of expertly crafted and mixed cocktails and a lunch and dinner menu featuring chef's daily specialties.

<Tea time>
11:30am-4:30pm : Saturday, Sunday and Holidays
14:00pm-4:30pm : Weekdays
4:30pm-0:00am (L/O 11:20pm)

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Special Offers For Our Hotel Guests

This promotions are available only when staying with us.

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HAPPY HOUR  < 2pm to 7pm >

Special offer for our guests staying with us. Daily 2–7pm!
Please let us know that you intend to use this promo when you visit,and show us your room key.

A glass of Beer or Cocktail (*up to 1,850 JPY)
+ Cover Charge *500 JPY (per person)
= max 2,350 JPY

↓↓↓ save up to 42%!
Special price: 1,000 JPY!

*This promo will be released on 1 June, 2017
*We also offer a 10% discount on additional drinks.
*Not valid with excluded menu.
*A 10% service charge and tax are included in the price.
*These pictures are for illustrative purposes only.

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