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Hotel Granvia Osaka - Kita-ku, Osaka, 530-0001, Japan

Lobby Lounge

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Lobby Lounge 【Grand Floor】
Conveniently located within 'Osaka Station City (OSC)' Southgate Building, the Lobby Lounge caters for both private and business occasions.

9:30am-9:30pm (L/O 9:00pm):Monday - Thursday
9:30am-10:30pm (L/O 10:00pm):Friday and Saturday
9:30am-8:30pm (L/O 8:00pm):Sunday and Holidays

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Takeout L.L Cafe

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Located at next to JR Osaka Station central south gate. There is a terrace with outside seating that is a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. You can enjoy lunch, chat and visit with friends over a cup of coffee.
If you don't have time to stay, grab your take out coffee or our original cream puff.


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