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Casual & Fine Dining Restaurants

Hotel Granvia Osaka features an array of fine dining and casual restaurants, including Japanese, Italian, French and Chinese cuisines. Revel in Osaka's nightlife at the hotel's chic bar and two lounges, or grab a quick snack at the café.


Teppanyaki Kiryu 【19F】

Featuring the finest, genuine Japanese beef, seafood, and seasonal vegetables, the hotel's Kiryu restaurant offers a luxurious and sophisticated cuisine.

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Japanese Cuisine


Japanese Restaurant Ukihashi /
Sushi Sushiman 【19F】

Ukihashi's menu features authentic Japanese cuisine, using seasonal ingredients, and visually stunning presentation. The restaurant features a Sushi corner, including "Sushiman"

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Casual Japanese Restaurant Shizuku

Shizuku provides guests with a relaxed atmosphere, authentic seasonal Japanese cuisine and a variety of Japanese Sake.

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Western Cuisine

French Restaurant Fleuve 【19F】

Fleuve is Hotel Granvia Osaka's signature fine dining restaurant, featuring French fusion cuisine.

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Sky Dining ab 【19F】

ab is the ideal dining venue for enjoying a quick meal on-the-go, from a variety of buffet-style lunch selections, and a la carte dinner menu.

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Chinese / Spanish Cuisine

Chinese Restaurant Peking 【19F】

We serves authentic Chinese dishes with a modern twist. Peking aims at serving healthy foods, to help guests maintain a balanced and healthy body.

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Spanish Bar Restaurant Rosa Roja 
【LUCUA Osaka 10F】

Rosa Roja is Spanish-style restaurant.
We specialize in authentic Spanish tapas, paellas, and fresh fruit sangria.

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Bar Sandbank 【19F】

The hotel's signature bar, Bar Sandbank, is an elegant destination for enjoying a selection of expertly crafted and mixed cocktails and a lunch and dinner menu featuring chef's daily specialties.

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Café / Lounge

Café Restaurant Ripple
【Grand Floor】

Open from 8am to midnight, this versatile casual restaurant caters for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, and all the way through to dinner.

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Lounge River Head 

River Head Lounge is the favorite location for relaxing and enjoying an afternoon treat.

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Lobby Lounge 
【Grand Floor】

Lobby Lounge caters for both private and business occasions.

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