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Hotel Granvia Osaka - Kita-ku, Osaka, 530-0001, Japan

Wireless Internet Access is Available

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Free wireless internet access is available at Guest Rooms, Banquet Halls and Restaurants, for all the users of laptops, mobile phones
including smart phones when your devices are equipped with built-in wireless LAN.

【Step1】 Open “Network Connections” window on your device.

【Step2】 In the “Wireless Network Connection” window, select the network “GRANVIA” .

【Step3】 Enter the access code following the instruction on the right, then press the Enter key.

【Step4】  The website of Hotel Granvia Osaka will be displayed.

【Step5 】 You have successfully accessed Wi-Fi. Please enjoy the free wireless internet service.

●Access Code
*necessary for the wireless internet access
Please enter “ g r a n v i a ” for the access code.

・Once you leave the building, or when it is not used for a certain period of time, the access will be disconnected. Please be reminded that you will need to log in once again.

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※If you can not connect to the internet in the room,please try the following procedure (available only in the guest room)

  1. Open “Network Connections” window on your device.
  2. In the "Wireless Network Connection" window, select the network “GRANVIA ▲F-■* ” . Please choose a network that has a stronger signal.
  3. Enter the access code “granvia1” , then press the Enter key.
  4. You have successfully accessed Wi-Fi. Please enjoy the free wireless internet service.

*▲...Floor Number ■...Number

▼About a Maintenance
Due to maintenance for communication equipment, wireless internet access is not available during the following hours. Please be reminded that the internet connection also would be interrupted. Thank you very much for your generous understanding and cooperation.
[Days and hours of maintenance; Every Tuesday, Thursday / 1:00a.m. to 5:00 a.m.]

▼Notice on Using Wi-Fi

  • Please note that we provide the free wireless network to heighten the quality of service for our guests; however,this is not to guarantee a perfect internet environment.
  • We provide a connection environment on a steady basis; however depending on your device's environment or network congestion, the service can be deteriorated causing the connection speed to slow down or to fail in accessing the network itself.
  • Please note that we cannot provide any supports with problems relating to the settings of your personal devices.
  • Measures against potential security risks should be taken your own responsibility.
  • We cannot take any responsibility for computer virus infections, losses of information or any other damages caused by the usage of your own accord.
  • We cannot disclose any information regarding our main system including IP address for the security reasons.

▼ At banquet hall and restaurant, please follow the Step 1-5.


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