Our high class front lobby has gone under renovations with traditional Osaka art pieces on display.

The 19th floor has been renovated to provide guests with a high class front lobby in the Hotel Granvia Osaka directly connected to JR Osaka Station.

Arts pieces such as traditional Osaka crafts and pieces based on aerial views of Osaka are on display providing guests with a relaxing and spacious place to put their mind at ease.

We have implemented an elevator security system to improve safety in the hotel (it is necessary to scan your room card key on the card reader in the elevator when going to guest floors).

We are also working hard to improve convenience through initiatives such as offering an information counter to provide sightseeing, restaurant, and other information, and adopting automatic payment machines for smooth check-in and check-out, all in the hopes of providing guests a higher level of hospitality.

* Use the elevator inside the hotel to reach the 19th floor.