Breakfast – Japanese and Western Buffet with 100 Dishes –

The hotel’s Japanese and Western breakfast buffet offers 100 different dishes served by two restaurants: Japanese Restaurant Osaka Ukihashi and French Restaurant Fleuve, the hotel’s two main dining establishments.

Japanese dishes include traditional breakfast fare such as grilled fish, rolled omelet, and miso soup made with broth highlighting “umami,” the base flavor of Japanese cuisine. Enjoy the hotel’s original sea bream ochazuke (hot green tea poured over a sea bream rice bowl) and your choice of rice sides.

Those interested in Western cuisine can enjoy the hotel’s French Deli (Western-style appetizers) as well as soups and salad. Other dishes include made-to-order omelets with 10 different ingredient options—including simmered beef tendon and our Osaka Mix resembling takoyaki (octopus dumplings) ingredients—prepared right before your eyes.

Start your day in Osaka right with a delicious breakfast from Hotel Granvia Osaka.

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Breakfast venue: French Restaurant Fleuve, 19F
Time: 7 am – 9:30 am (Last order 9:30 am)
Price: [Adult] 2,800 yen / [4 - 12 years old] 1,500 yen

* Listed price includes tax and 10% service charge.
* Special rate available for guests who request the breakfast buffet upon reservation.

Floor Map

[Japanese Cuisine Corner]
Enjoy the Flavors of Japan from Osaka Ukihashi

In addition to delicious miso soup made with Japanese Restaurant Osaka Ukihashi’s special dashi broth, the breakfast buffet also includes rolled omelets and other common side dishes, simmered dishes, and grilled dishes such as grilled salmon, seared marinated roe, and simmered eggplant. Sea bream ochazuke (hot green tea poured over a sea bream rice bowl), gomoku (five-ingredient) rice, rice porridge, and other rice dishes are also available.

Sea bream ochazuke

This dish includes sea bream soaked in sesame soy sauce served over hot rice. Enjoy the mellow flavor of the special broth made of green tea and Japanese dashi poured over rice. A wide variety of toppings such as ARARE (roasted mochi pieces) are provided.

Experience the luxuriousness of rice with various rice sides

Discover various side dishes for white rice, including roasted laver seaweed, shigureni preserved clams, sesame seaweed, dried young sardines with pickled plum, laver seaweed and butterbur, red shibazuke pickles, shredded suguki Japanese pickles, and minced Chinese cabbage. Choose a side to enjoy with our delicious hot rice.

Various other dishes are also available, including the following.
• Sweet-stewed freshwater shrimp • Osaka natto (fermented soybeans) • Sautéed lotus root • Dashi sauce-flavored greens • Simmered sardines and ginger • Country-style simmered taro corms • Soy sauce-flavored pumpkin • Takoyaki (octopus dumplings) • Satsuma-age fried fishcake • Sesame-flavored okra

Hotel Chef’s Made-to-Order Omelet

Thousands of possible ingredient combinations

Two styles of made-to-order omelets are available: Western-style, which brings out the inherent flavor of eggs, and Japanese-style, made with dashi broth. Choose from 10 different ingredients including potato, bacon, mushroom, Japanese herbs, and salted kelp. Enjoy delicious omelets made fresh with your choice of filling.

Osaka-only ingredients

Simmered beef tendon and Osaka Mix (made with octopus and red pickled ginger) ingredients are also available. Each offers excellent compatibility with eggs. Experience these unique flavors available only in Osaka.

Original dishes

Collaboration with Matsusaka Ham (from Mie Prefecture)

Hotel Granvia Original Ham is developed in collaboration with Matsusaka Ham, winner of four consecutive gold medals at Germany’s prestigious IFFA trade fair. Enjoy the luxurious rich taste of delicious ham made from succulent pork leg.

Specialty French Toast

Hotel Granvia’s special French Toast is marked by its moist and fluffy texture. The unique texture is created by soaking thick bread thoroughly in an egg and milk mixture and then slowly cooking on low heat. Granulated sugar is then sprinkled on the surface for a crisp outer layer. This must-try dish is a specialty of the hotel’s French cuisine chef.

Homemade Salt Pudding

Our delicious creamy pudding is slow-baked to create a smooth texture. The carefully sun-dried algal salt creates a delicate aftertaste that further enhances the flavor of this mineral-rich treat.