Breakfast – Japanese and Western Buffet –

The breakfast buffet reopened on Monday, November 7, 2022.

Start your morning off right!
Enjoy as many of your favorite dishes as you’d like.

Try our unique Osaka-inspired Japanese dishes for breakfast, the most important meal of the day! Hotel Granvia Osaka’s breakfast buffet offers a wide variety of dishes, including Western cuisine, Japanese cuisine, salad, and fruits.
Come and enjoy a deliciously cheerful breakfast!

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Breakfast venue: French Restaurant Fleuve, 19F
Time: 7 am – 9:30 am (Last order 9:30 am)
Price: [Adult] 2,800 yen / [4 - 12 years old] 1,500 yen

* Listed price includes tax and 10% service charge.
* Special rate available for guests who request the breakfast buffet upon reservation.
* Restaurant hours and menu items are subject to change without notice. Please contact hotel front staff for more details.

Floor Map

Breakfast Highlights

Highlight 01
Wide Variety of Western Cuisine

Choose from a varied menu that includes French deli dishes (Western daily dishes) prepared by our French Chef, classic items like bacon, sausages, and scrambled eggs, unique Osaka-style miso-simmer beef tendon curry, and colorful salads.

Highlight 02
Delicious Daily Japanese-Style Dishes

Savor the subtle flavors of a typical Japanese-style breakfast with rolled omelet made with soup stock, grilled fish, and various other daily dishes including white rice, healthy 16-grain rice, and ochazuke (rice in tea).

Highlight 03
Fluffy Omelets Made Fresh

Watch as the chef prepares your omelet fresh, and enjoy the inherent deliciousness of egg. Each omelet is prepared using Hotel Granvia Osaka’s special technique right before your eyes in the buffet’s open kitchen.

Highlight 04
A Wide Variety of Breads and Fun-for-Everyone Waffles

Choose from an extensive offering of homemade breads including baguettes, croissants, and Danish pastries.
Delicious waffles are also available with a wide selection of toppings including maple syrup, matcha green tea sauce, and fruits.

Highlight 05
Post-Breakfast In-Room Coffee Time

For guests on the go or for those looking to take a minute to relax in their rooms after breakfast, Hotel Granvia Osaka offers a take-out hot coffee service. Feel free to take a cup to-go for the day ahead.
(* Please note that guests are requested to enjoy their take-out coffee in their room.)

Various other dishes and drinks are also available, including the following.

Western Cuisine

• Roast Pork Salad • Taramo Style Potato Salad • Red Cabbage Tuna Salad • Basil Sausages • Sausages • Chicken and Tomato Stew • Meat and Rice Gratin • Fried Eggs • Warm Vegetables • Xiaolongbao Dumplings • Tokachi Loin Ham • Salami • Granola • Corn & Brown Rice Flakes • And more!

Japanese Cuisine

• Salt-Grilled Mackerel • Grilled Salmon • Rolled Omelet Made with Soup Stock • Natto (Fermented Soybeans) • Roasted Laver Seaweed • Japanese Style Daily Dishes (Boiled Greens in Dashi-Flavored Soy Sauce / Hijiki / Kinpira) • White Rice • 16-Grain Rice • Soup Stock to Pour Over Rice • Japanese Pickles (Salted Plum / Shibazuke Pickles / Kombu Seaweed) • And more!

Desserts & Fruit

• Almond Milk Pudding • Yogurt • Orange • Grapefruit • And more!


• Coffee • Tea • Orange Juice • Grapefruit Juice • Milk • Tomato Juice • And more!

* The menu may be subject to minor changes depending on the season or the availability of certain ingredients.