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Due to renovation work, the Japanese restaurant Ukihashi will be temporarily closed from 1st Apr onwards. (scheduled reopening date: this Autumn)
Reservations are expected to begin in August 2019.

Hotel Granvia Osaka’s formal Japanese restaurant, Ukihashi, is equipped with private dining rooms and a magnificent panoramic city view, ideal for a variety of special occasions from celebrations to business meetings. Ukihashi’s menu features authentic Japanese cuisine, using seasonal ingredients, and visually stunning presentation. The restaurant features a Sushi corner, including “Sushiman”

Sushiman, famous for Osaka sushi, was established more than 360 years ago. Their specialty Kodai Suzume Zushi is prepared with a combination of small sea bream and rice. Also try out the Nigiri-zushi and Chirashi-zushi.

There may be changes to the menu contents and prices during the Christmas and New Year season.

Muslim-Friendly Menu

We offer a Muslim-friendly menu. Pork and alcoholic flavorings are not used in these menu items.

* We ask that you make reservations before 12 noon four days beforehand.
* Meat (chicken and beef) that has received halal certification is used.
* We use alcohol additive-free soy sauce and other seasonings.
* All of our Muslim-friendly menu items are free of pork and alcohol, but the same food preparation areas are also used to cook and serve dishes for which this is not the case.
* Our restaurant serves alcohol. You may be seated next to another customer who is drinking alcohol.
* Our food preparation tools are stored separately so as not to mix those used to prepare Muslim-friendly menu items with others. For dishes, we use the same ones as other foods.

<Muslim-friendly Bento Box (Lunch)> 3,500 JPY
  • Starter
  • Sashimi: sliced raw fish
  • Deep-Fried Dish
  • Broiled Fish
  • Rice, Miso Soup, Japanese Pickles
  • Fruit
<Muslim-friendly Japanese Course> 8,350 JPY
  • Starter
  • Clear Soup
  • Sashimi: sliced raw fish
  • Traditional Dish of the Day
  • Broiled Dish
  • Simmered Dish
  • Rice, Miso Soup, Pickles
  • Fruit

* The following dishes are available as substitutions for the broiled fish:
Grilled Halal Beef – additional 1,500 JPY
Grilled Halal Chicken – additional 750 JPY

Muslim-friendly menu [PDF]

Special Offers For Our Hotel Guests

These promotions are available only when staying with us.

<Seasonal dinner course “MIYABI”> 9,000 JPY
  • Starter
  • Steamed dish
  • Sashimi
  • Assorted seasonal side dish
  • Grilled dish
  • Deep-fried dish
  • Seasonal dish
  • Rice, Clear Soup
  • Dessert

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  • Credit Card
  • English Menu
  • English OK
  • Smoking Permitted


Weekdays: 11 am - 3 pm (Last order 2 pm)
Saturday, Sunday and Holidays: 11 am - 3:30 pm (Last order 2:30 pm)

5 pm - 10 pm (Last order 9:30 pm)

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