Japanese Restaurant Ukihashi

Hotel Granvia Osaka's formal Japanese restaurant, Ukihashi, is equipped with private dining rooms and magnificent panoramic city view, ideal for a variety of special occasions from celebrations to business meetings.
Ukihashi's menu features authentic Japanese cuisine, using seasonal ingredients, and visually stunning presentation. The restaurant features a Sushi corner, including "Sushiman"

"Sushiman" famous for Osaka sushi, established more than 360 years ago.
"Kodai Suzume Zushi", the speciality of this place, is prepared by small sea bream and rice combined. Also try out Nigiri-zushi and Chirashi-zushi.


11:00am -3:30pm(L/O2:30pm): Saturday, Sunday and Holidays

5:00pm - 10:00pm (L/O 9:30pm)

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Muslim-Friendly Menu

We offer Muslim-Friendly Menu. Pork and alcoholic flavoring are not used in those menus.

〈Muslim-friendly Bento Box (Lunc

・Sashimi :sliced raw fish
・Deep-Fried Dish
・Broiled Fish
・Rice , Miso Soup , Japanese Pickles

〈Muslim-friendly Japanese Course

・Clear Soup
・Sashimi:sliced raw fish
・Traditional Dish of hte Day
・Broiled Dish
・Simmered Dish
・Rice , Miso Soup , Pickles

*Following dishes are available as a substitution of the broiled fish;

・Grilled Halal Beef–additional JPY1,500
・Grilled Halal Chicken–additional JPY750


Special Offers For Our Hotel Guests

These promotions are available only when staying with us.

〈Seasonal dinner course "MIYABI"

・Steamed dish
・Assorted seasonal side dish
・Grilled dish
・Deep-fried dish
・Seasonal dish
・Rice , Clear Soup